Friday, October 28, 2011

Lindsay Lohan will do Playboy?

Fed up with all the drug and alcohol abuse, the controversial figure Lindsay Lohan will try to mend her ways by posing for Playboy.

This is the first work-related uproar she garnered ever since she did Freaky Friday... which turned out to be an emphatic hit... to her self-esteem.

While everyone loved her performance in The Parent Trap and Mean Girls, her career went downhill after successive attempts to prove critics wrong that addiction to vices is a good thing. 

So to celebrate her nudity covers, here is a Funny or Die clip she made when she was still sober.

In all seriousness though, I think Mean Girls is awesome. It was a high school movie that enabled thought (Tina Fey wrote the movie). She was also awesome in the flick. She is a pretty good actor believe it or not. The distractions made her a laughingstock but her acting skills can rival the best actresses of her generation. If Drew Barrymore can get out of her sick and twisted image to become the darling she is now, maybe she can do the same in a year or so. 

While Playboy is not the avenue for redemption... I could be wrong.

Game over.



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