Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Destroy the dynasty or Defend the crown

In the words of former WCW and WWE Champion and current Smackdown commentator Booker T, let me utter this word:


If this is some way to boost the gate receipts, then good for Barako Bull who’ll likely trounce Talk N Text in Wednesday.

If it’s not… that huge blowout you just witnessed will repeat anew. Barako Bull might be hungry, but they should have listened when their parents told to never play with their food.

Talk N Text is not a team to toy with.

Junel Baculi's Barako Bull will head to Game Five carrying the aftereffects of the 108 to 90 rout caused by Chot Reyes' Talk N Text. 

And here are the indicators you need to check out.

The former St. Francis Dove is the barometer of the Tropang Texters’ fate. In their two losses, De Ocampo averaged 3.5ppg. But in their wins, RDO averages 20.5ppg! So to sum it up, if Team Energy does its best to shackle Ranidel, then they’ll win. Otherwise, they can just cede their spot to TNT.

Freeman’s lowest output happened in Game 4. The two-time Best Import had 13 rebounds but could only come up with 6 points in 1-for-9 field goal shooting. Talk N Text had fun containing Freeman… but expect him to bounce back from this debacle.

Both teams fell in love with their outside shots. However, 64 percent of TNT’s two-point field goals went in. Barako Bull however had 62 percent of their shots… going some place else. Overall TNT had a commanding lead in the field goals department, 52 percent to 38. This is bad for Barako Bull in so many levels.

The problem that Barako Bull posed on the Tropang Texters is the physicality. Man Mountain played only 14 minutes but delivered eight points and four rebounds. That’s enough to give the Bulls a humongous presence to clog the middle.

Miller is the team’s go-to-guy but he hasn’t been doing what is expected from him. It’s not enough for Miller to take a backseat to Danny Seigle. I know Dynamite Danny is scorching hot but in order for TNT to falter, he needs to step up.

The physical plays of Barako Bull seriously pissed off a lot of the major personalities in the Talk N Text front. In Game Four, Chot Reyes and Jimmy Alapag paid less on the calls and the non-calls and even kept mum when Ranidel De Ocampo was accidentally elbow dropped by Don Allado (it was an accident). By caring less on the calls, they left the game with extreme focus and if they stay like this, then they have the chance to deliver.

It’s anybody’s ballgame now but with the beating Barako Bull took, Talk N Text might have the slight advantage. Let’s see if Barako Bull can finish the Herculean task they started because I can see Talk N Text not giving up in defending their title.

Game Five should be awesome.

Game over.



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