Saturday, April 07, 2012

In defense of… Magnum.

I pity the guys who brought the brand in the Philippines. I pity the guys that thought of every media avenue to promote Magnum. Magnum is an advertising nightmare because their marketing team took the product to every possible medium… and it backfired on them.

Selecta is one of the most popular ice cream makers in the country – rivaling with just Magnolia for that distinction. They basically have head-to-head battles with Magnolia in terms of flavors and budget ice creams. However Selecta has one key edge over Magnolia – they have an awesome advertising arm that pretty much helped their products gain nationwide recognition.

Whoever made that Vhong Navarro song “3 for 1 plus 1” must be commended. And until Sef Cadayona actually shells out money to rid himself of those 20-peso predictments, Selecta Cornetto will continue to rule every student, call center agent, or some kid near a convenience store.

Now Magnum is another story. With a look as a grand brand, it veered away from the novelty tunes and the funny scenarios. They introduced the product as ice cream royalty and they are likely targeting the students and the yuppies that are sick of drinking the same coffee and fruit shake shops in the metro.

They also tried to push it in all avenues – heavily promoting the product in Facebook and Twitter weeks even before its launch. Aside from the ad placements on TV, radio, print, and billboards, Magnum perfectly used a magazine tie-up. If you check out the April 2012 issue of Rogue Magazine, we can see Solenn Heussaff wearing a gown that looks like rich and thick chocolate. If you download the mag on your tablets, you can see that Solenn looks as if she’s floating in chocolate goodness.

I tried the chocolate truffle flavor when Cindy thought it was a good idea to tryout the heavily-hyped brand instead of our usual Starbucks experience. She went with the classic flavor and contrary to my initial thoughts, I enjoyed the brand. The chocolate is not that sweet and the coating is strong that it doesn’t drip. I think that this is like… if you need to perfectly make the typical 25-peso ice cream bars, this is what you’ll come up with.

Even so though, Magnum is just an ice cream.

Paying 55 pesos (it started out as 60) for a measly ice cream stick where financial woes run rampant is not a good idea – especially if everyone thinks that the brand is just an overprized pinipig bar. And to top it all, while it’s tolerable especially in summer, it’s like a usual ice cream bar. Given that Magnum is an international brand that Selecta brought here that has Rachel Bilson as endorser… and even if the price of the brand reasonably inexpensive unlike in other countries.

Half-Filipina Rachel Bilson of The O.C. and Heart of Dixie fame.

Magnum just doesn’t stand out.

All of a sudden, the ever-so-harsh online critics bombarded Magnum with extreme criticism. Not even the summer heat would sway other people from buying the product again.

Here are some of the innovative insults that spawned in the internet.

The sobrang Pinoy version of Magnum

The Zoolander version of Magnum.

It sucks for the rest of those think-tanks but I wonder how people will react once the brand re-launches with a seriously scratched off price?

Game over!



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